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Links and Resources

(The following collection of resources does not claim to be comprehensive. The MBK do not accept any responsibility for the content of the linked pages)

General information

  • An informative website on medieval libraries: Wolfgang Müller, Bibliothekswesen (Spätmittelalter), publiziert am 10.12.2014; in: Historisches Lexikon Bayerns, (30.10.2018)
  • ARChumanities: A useful list of projects and publications on medieval library catalogues
  • Virtual Library Geschichte: A list of useful links (unfortunately not completely up to date).

Editions and Repertories of medieval library catalogues

Manuscript catalogues online

  • Manuscripta Medievalia: A database of printed and unprinted manuscript catalogues from German libraries
  • manuscripta.at: Medieval manuscripts in Austrian libraries
  • e-codices: Swiss online catalogue of digitalized manuscripts and manuscript catalogues
  • Biblissima: A joint project of leading libraries and research institutions in France with a large collection of digitized manuscripts and old prints, catalogues and editions
  • Gallica: The information portal of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF) with a large collection of digitized manuscripts and prints
  • CODEX. Inventario dei manoscritti medievali della Toscana: A database of medieval manuscripts in Tuscany
  • Manuscriptorium: A Czech project with a digital library of manuscripts and printed books
  • British Medieval Library Catalogues: A catalogue of identified books from British libraries of the 10th – 16th century